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Inventive Technologies - Sustainability

We believe that most sustainability challenges can be solved with innovation, and that this innovation can have a positive impact on our business as well as on the communities in which we and our consumers live and work.

Today we walk the rigorous journey towards sustainability which preserves the sustainability strategy in five principal areas, as: product, service, social responsibility, employees and stakeholders. These strategies guide our efforts in invention and development in a way that is best for our customers, consumers, the environment and the society.

Since we are trying to develop the most sustainable way, we know that we will achieve even more if we will motivate our partners to join us this strategy. Our knowledge and passion in these matters we want to pass onto our suppliers, distributors, small retailers and all others with whom we work to make sustainable development a priority all the way in the value chain.

Main goals to:
- Reduce energetic demands of technology, real estates and premises, office space
- Reduce harmful effects affecting the environment
- Extend and maximize the possibility of recycling materials
- Maximize the possibility of using renewable resources to maintain
- Extend the life and extended functionality

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